An interactive platform for enhancing teaching and learning of Art thanks to tools, content and exclusive teaching scenarios.

Pinxit methodology

Pinxit's teaching methodology proposes a multidisciplinary approach

Making digitized works of art a medium for education.

Appreciating cultural heritage in digital format.

Democratizing access to historical and artistic heritage.

Pinxit Studio

Educational Scenarios

The educational scenarios, the result of a creative synergy between disciplinarians, educational specialists and training experts, have been carefully crafted to provide a unique and engaging experience. The scenarios are divided into categories concerning art-historical movements and key figures in art history, allowing students and teachers to explore art through multiple perspectives. In this way, connections are promoted between art and other disciplines in the school curriculum, as well as contemporary subject areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Visual Design, and Media Education.

Classes and Lessons

The platform offers the ability to create classes and lessons intuitively through a dedicated section. Teachers can prepare lessons based on predefined teaching scenarios. They will also have the ability to create their own personal gallery of scenarios and store artifacts made by students, thus inviting them to participate interactively.

Upload on the platform your favourite images and use them for your lessons

Students and teachers can include in their own catalog images of works available online or on their own computer to enrich their lessons. Thanks to Haltadefinizione it is possible to link over 800 images available for free on Haltadefinizione, that allow to zoom without compromising the work quality. The annotation and handwriting features will help to select meaningful details and contextualize the images

Our Interactive Stories: an immersive journey of detail discovery

The educational platform allows users to create engaging stories using images and details from a vast database of artworks. This tool offers students the possibility to stimulate their creativity and for teachers to make lessons more engaging. Thanks to the Stories tool, it is possible to browse through works of art like pages in an interactive book, discovering fascinating anecdotes behind the details of the works themselves.

Compare and Discover: The viewer for a unique artistic experience

Compare is an innovative viewer that offers the ability to create and manage art comparisons in an intuitive: it is thus possible to explore two or three works of art simultaneously, to develop a critical perspective. Thanks to its save functionality, users can keep the comparisons made, enabling an easy return to previously performed analyses.